Reason Nollywood Anita Joseph Regrets After Giving Life To Christ

Nollywood’s star actress Anita Joseph was said to have broken down in tears when she received the message of God from a fan about how to live a decent and Godly life.

Anita who has tattoos in six parts of her body, back of her palm, waist, top of her boobs, left leg, neck and arm seems to have become God’s advocate, who now preaches that people should desist from this sinful act.

The screen diva was said to have already began a search on how she would clean hers as soon as possible.

She was said to have had a change of heart because of an encounter with the fan.

In sobriety, Anita felt ‘naked’ having heard the word of God and she got convicted over tattoos wearing.

The newly Born Again Anita lamented, “I regret my tattoos. It is something I wish I never had.”

According to her, “it’s so addictive. You do one; you would do again and again. I just loved tattoos.

“But that was when I haven’t grown up and never knew it is wrong in the sight of God.”, regretted.

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