Unbelievable: Couple in Court Today for Stealing Condoms, a Bible

A couple accused of stealing condoms and a bible appears in court today, Wednesday, Jan. 8.

Jonesboro police had last Monday night arrested David Lequeux, 24, and Courtney Lequeux, 18, both of Harrisburg, the capital city of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

The duo is accused of stealing body wash and shampoo along with a folding knife, a box of Trojan Vibrations Ultra Touch condoms and gift edition of The Holy Bible from Walmart, 1815 E. Highland.

A store employee told police he witnessed the couple conceal the items in a tote bag and then walk out of the store without paying.

The suspects were charged with shoplifting and ordered to appear in court on today, Wednesday, Jan. 8.

They were held in lieu of $770 bond each.

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