Celebrities Affiliated With the Illuminati: Rick Ross Address Allegations, Katy Perry Attacked for Dark Symbolism

In the lastest issue of Rolling Stone, Rick Ross dismissed allegations of being affiliated with the Illuminati, a secret society that supposedly rewards its members with fortune and power once they sell their souls to the devil.

The Miami rapper laughed off accusations that he is a part of the group, adding that he takes the speculation as a compliment to his success.

“Man, there’s a part of me that laughs when I hear that,” Ross says in the magazine. “It’s a compliment. Like, ‘Wow, I made it, I’m in the Illuminati!’ But people who say shit like that, to me, are like people who believe in f—–g magic.”

The 38-year-old hip hop star added that, “If the Illuminati was like Men in Black, I would’ve been told them to come to the house. You mean they just pull up and zap you and you’re successful and rich? Shut the f–k up! You know, I just smile and keep it going, man.”

However, Ross isn’t the only celebrity to be recently accused of having ties to the group. Also at the forefront of allegations is Katy Perry. Critics say Perry’s newly released video for her singe “Dark Horse” incorporates Illuminati symbolism.

According to ReligiousDispatches, the most vocal critics of Perry and “Dark Horse” are young, millennial conspiracy theories. In addition to frequently flaunting the Egyptian Eye of Horus in the video, critics also say that her performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards was emerged in dark, Satanic imagery.

“One analyst claimed, paradoxically, that the cross on Perry’s costume was an occult symbol. Another explained that a red-eyed horse puppet used in the performance referenced a statue at the Denver International Airport, thereby proving that DIA is an Illuminati stronghold,” notes ReligiousDispatches.

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