OPC Leader Advocates Removal of Religion from Constitution

The National Coordinator of the Odua People’s Congress (OPC) and a delegate at the ongoing National Conference has called on the conference to remove religion from the Nigerian constitution.

He also warned that if not handled well, Nigeria runs the risk of plunging into a religious crisis.

“Nigeria is a secular state. The issue of religion should be removed from the constitution, both Christian and Islam,”he said in an interview with SaharaTV.

OPC chief said he was shocked to listen to delegates from the Christian Association at the conference discussing the discrepancy in the treatment of Christianity and Islam by the Nigerian constitution.

“No matter the situation, we must respect our secularity. Nigeria is a secular state. Nigeria is not an Islamic state,”he added.

Adams named the 1963 constitution the best constitution Nigeria ever had, while the 1999 constitution was written by the military and, therefore, does not fully fit a democratic Nigeria.

He added that the National Conference must be used and an opportunity to create a new constitution for the country.

The OPC leader has disagreed with a constitutional lawyer Prof. Ben Nwabueze over the claim that “the National Conference has no legal basis and that the roles of the delegates are only advisory”, condemned those delegates who supported such a position.

It would be recalled that Bishop Joseph Bagobiri and Pastor Emmanuel Bosun complained about the unfair treatment of Christians in the country on Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

They argued that the constitution was written to favour Islam. Muslims expressed deep concern over such statements, argued that it was not the case.

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