Boko Haram Killer Squad Members Arrested In Maiduguri

Three members of a Boko Haram killer squad responsible for attacks and killings in Gwoza local government area were yesterday nabbed by members of the civilian JTF, eyewitnesses have said.

The three members of the terrorists group ran out of luck when a relative of one of the victims killed in Gwoza recognised one of them and quickly alerted some civilian-JTF personnel.

Eyewitnesses said the man who identified the killers of his elder brother was one of the displaced Gwoza residents who fled to Maiduguri in search of refuge.

“The displaced Gwoza man was being driven in a commercial tricycle (Keke Napep) when he sighted the suspected killer of his brother who died during an attack on their community in Gwoza local government. He immediately jumped out of the Keke-Napep and held the suspect with whom he began to wrestle.

“We never knew what was happening until the man began to shout ‘this is Boko Haram man that killed my brother in Gwoza, please come and help me catch him. He was the one that shot my brother.’ That was how members of the civilian-JTF gathered and arrested the man whom they later handed over to soldiers nearby,” said an eyewitness, who said his name should not be mentioned.

(Daily Times)

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