How Another Boko Haram Member Was Arrested in Owerri

A Boko Haram suspect was reportedly nabbed in Owerri, the Imo State capital at the weekend.

The suspect was said to have been apprehended around 8:30 am at the main entrance gate of the imposing magnificent Owerri City school following the alarm raised by teachers of the school.

The school comprises of primary and post primary.

According to an eye witness who spoke with Daily Independent, the suspect, who appeared in a shabby dirty military uniform, looked unkempt, dishevelled and equally pretended to be dumb and deaf with a black cell phone bag, had arrived there and sat quietly refusing to respond to greetings.

This, it was gathered attracted the curiosity of the staff of the school who immediately alerted the police and who responded promptly and whisked him to an unknown destination.

Curiously, the suspect who had earlier claimed to be dumb and deaf, upon arrest by the police began to speak Hausa, Arabic and English.

A police source who confirmed the incident, said, the suspect who is now helping the police in their investigation came from Anambra state.

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