Nigerian Troops Capture High-ranking Boko Haram Leader

Nigerian Defence Headquarters (DH) has disclosed that military operations in volatile North Eastern Nigeria has led to the arrested a top member of the Boko Haram Islamic sect in Konduga, a community in Borno State.
Killed Boko Haram Leader
According to the DH, the high-ranking leader of the sect was captured on Wednesday during a battle that led to the death of over 60 insurgents.
Boko Haram weapon seized
The Nigerian forces involved in the operation had successfully flushed out members of Boko Haram sect from the community during the operation, which lasted more than 12 hours.

Three Hilux vehicles, one armoured personnel carrier and a cache of arms and ammunition were also seized by the Nigerian troops during the battle.

Nigerian military authorities revealed that the seriously-wounded, high-ranking terrorists’ leader is being treated in a military medical facility after he was captured in operations at Konduga, Borno State.

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