How Tinubu, Obasanjo Denigrate the North


In 2007, a wounded Olusegun Obasanjo foisted a sick and almost dead Umoru Yaradua on the PDP as its Presidential candidate with a grand design that would have seen Obasanjo remain President beyond 2007, if Yaradua had died before the elections.
You should also remember that the vice presidential candidate of the PDP, then, now President Goodluck Jonathan escaped an assasination attempt by the whiskers.

This foiled assassination attempt has been linked to the then Federal Government as one of the desperate tenure elongation designs of the then President.

When Yaradua eventually lived to see the end of 2007 elections and was sworn in, Obasanjo reluctantly retired to Ota farm and wanted to remain President by proxy, but the quiet but steely willed Yaradua resisted that attempt and succeeded in temporarily retiring Obasanjo to a full time farmer in Ota.

Obasanjo was one of the happiest men on earth when the cold hands of death eventually snatched Yaradua away.

He looked around and saw that the only way to remain relevant was to lend his voice to the popular demand of most Nigerians for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to be elected as our President.

After Jonathan’s victory at the 2011 polls, Obasanjo characteristic greed wanted to remain in charge.

There are allegations from credible corners that Obasanjo sought to be given full charge over some viable parastatals of the FG, but President Goodluck Jonathan turned down that proposal without thinking about it twice.

While President Jonathan was not unaware of the former President’s capacity for trouble, he preferred to stand on the side of ordinary Nigerians than mortgage the future of the entire nation for the sake of retaining one man’s support.

Jonathan is more committed to returning power to the North than all these troublemakers from the Southwest parading themselves as lovers of the North.

Left to Obasanjo and Tinubu, power should never come to the Southeast neither should it ever return to the North.

Should Goodluck Jonathan complete his second tenure, he is likely to support the emergence of a President from the North and a vice President from the Southeast, and this prospect is what Obasanjo does not want to live to see.

Hence, he found a fitting ally in the person of Tinubu, who he has partnered with to advance the Yoruba oligarchical agenda.

I should suspect that both Tinubu and Obasanjo share a belief that Buhari will not see out his first term as President.

Buhari’s leaked medical report suggest that he is suffering from one of the most dangerous cancers, and if that is the case, Nigeria may yet be in the hands of a vegetative President who will spend most of his time undergoing chemotherapy than tacking the legion troubles bedeviling our dear nation.

However, Tinubu and Obasanjo are more interested in perpetuating power in Yoruba land than thinking about the future of Nigeria.

It is therefore imperative that my brothers and sisters from the Northern part of the country understand who truly loves them and who doesn’t.

Tinubu is the sole-proprietor of the APC and his sole aim is to ensure that a Yoruba man sneaks back to the Presidency as soon as possible.

To him and his new found partner, Olusegun Obasanjo, Northern politicians are some kind of puppets who can be easily manipulated. It is left for the Northerners to prove them right or wrong.

They can prove them wrong by voting massively for the PDP, whereby taking their political fate, effectively in their own hands, they can prove them right by voting for a sickly, Yoruba imposed Muhammadou Buhari.

Culled from African Herald Express

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