Ex-Governor Sullivan Chime not Dead

The former Governor of Enugu State, Barrister Sullivan Chime, is still very much alive contrary to earlier rumour that he has died, The Street Reporters Reports.

There was anxiety across the country Saturday morning following unconfirmed reports that Chime died at an Indian Hospital.
This is not the first time the ex-state chief executive would be rumoured dead.

There were reports that he was dead in an Indian hospital on 15 December 2012.

However, the state government official debunked the reports the next day, claiming Chime was healthy and that any such rumours were from the pits of hell.

He returned to Nigeria after three months of treatment and described the death rumour as entertaining.
The rumour of Chime’s purported death was reportedly amplified at 6:10 p.m. on Saturday by a WhatsApp broadcast: “Breaking! Former Governor of Enugu State, Barrister Sullivan Chime, is dead.”

However, when contacted, Chime’s ex-aide laughed off the rumour, describing it as antics of wicked people.

“There is no such thing; he is hale and hearty; this rumour is from the pit of hell”, he said pleading anonymity.

Government sources also debunked the rumour, insisting that the death rumour was untrue.

“Chime is enjoying himself at Udi, his home town”, a government official said.

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