Group demands publication of Nigeria’s amalgamation document

The South-South Peoples Conference (SSOPEC) has said that what the country needs at this time is a plebiscite to determine the nation’s unity and to ascertain the terms and conditions under which the Country will progress, saying the instrument of our amalgamation be published publicly for all to see.

According to the chairman of SSOPEC , Prof. Tonye Amakiri, Nigeria has been in existence for more than 102 years since the amalgamation, although the documents of the amalgamation have been shrouded in secrecy.

“Rather than build a nation which is the dream of our founding fathers, we have systematically destroyed our oneness, drifting towards ethnic and religious bigotry.

“Our care for one another has been nonexistent; rather we have developed deep hatred towards ourselves.

“Herein lies the deep corruption that has destroyed our corporate progress and development as a nation.

“As concerned Nigerians who are interested in the progress and unity of this nation, SSOPEC is making these recommendations that will bring about the much needed changes and proffer solutions to the numerous challenges bedevilling the nation”, he said.

The group recommended that the instrument of our amalgamation be published publicly for all to see and reconsider our uniqueness; the restructuring of the country in a ‘bottom-up’ fashion; introduction of democratic ideals, unity, national Integration with the absence of discrimination; qualitative education, the Enactment of the Petroleum Industry Bill, Licensing for Setting-Up of Modular Refineries, Security, and law Enforcement Agencies should be given their proper place, environmental clean-up and restoration must be a continous process by the various levels of government.

They demanded that the judiciary must be willing to show commitment to apply the law with all fairness and their independence must also be guaranteed at all levels.

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