Science and Tech Minister, Onu Baggs 2017 Best Performing Minister Award

The Minister of Science and Technology, Chief Ogbonnaya Onu has bagged the Coalition of Civil societies in Nigeria’ 2017 award as the Best Performing Minister in Nigeria.

Announcing the coveted award in a statement signed by the Secretary of the Award and Privileges Committee, Patriot Wilson Attah, on behalf of the Board of Civil Society Coalition in Nigeria, the group noted that, the ogbonnanya On u is the first serving official of government in the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to receive this award.

In its notification letter to the Minister on the meritorious award, the Civil Society Coalition in Nigeria noted that he bagged the award based on his “prudence, accountability, transparency, and patriotism displayed in the cause of discharging his duty as the Honourable Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the year under review.”

The statement read in part, “it may interest you to note that, Civil Society Organizations mostly criticized government and it’s activities and in rare occasion, appraise its performance which today, you are the first recipient of Civil Society Coalition Award as a serving cabinet member of the Buhari’s administration. That makes this award very symbolic.”

The coalition is made up of civil society organisations drawn from across the six geopolitical zones of the country.


The ward shall be presented before end of February 2018, the coalition said.




Condemnations Trail IBB, Obasanjo’s Anti Buhari Statements

A non-governmental organisation under the aegis of the New Initiative For Credible Leadership (NICReL) has lampooned the former military President, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida and other nigeria’s former leaders over their plots against the reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari for a second term in office.

Addressing newsmen at a press conference in Abuja, the Executive Director of the group, Rev. Steven Onwu, maintained that the retired General’s statement tagged ‘Towards a National Rebirth’, through his spokesperson, Kassim Afegbua, asking President Muhammadu Buhari not to seek re-election or for Nigerians to vote him out in 2019 if he decides to contest and “the spate of attempts by some former leaders to ingratiate themselves into the polity” were attempts to “truncate our hard-worn democracy.”

According to the group, the hostility with which Nigerians received the statement initially prompted IBB to walk back the statement but he somehow got the bluster to frog march Afegbua to the studios of a national television to stand by the initial claim”.

Rev. Onwu noted that “such double-dealing prevarication from the man dubbed “The Evil Genius” is not new because such maneuvers were his stock in trade in his days as a military dictator.

“We dare say there will be more of such in the days ahead as he thinks he still have it in him to leave up to his moniker of “Maradona”.

“Kindly note that former military head of state and former president, Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo only a few days ago, apparently singing from the same hymnbook issued a statement with which he called on Nigerians to form or join a Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM).

“Nigerians should further note that: Babangida was one of those that sponsored the Obasanjo in his failed coup attempt under the Sani Abacha dictatorship, which promptly landed Obasanjo in jail for treason.

“Upon the demise of the dictator and Obasanjo’s release from jail, Babangida was among the cabal that imposed him on Nigeria, albeit under a compromised election that set the tone for dubious elections in the country.

“Babangida’s spokesman, Kassim Afegbua, is on the steering committee of the Obasanjo-founded Coalition of Nigerian Movement”, he said.

He added that “Considering the health condition that has kept the former dictator homebound, Afegbua and a handful of others are his proxies on the new project to jeopardize Nigeria’s democracy.

“Another foot soldier of the supposed coalition has called on a couple of other former military chiefs to issue their own statements, which indicates that this campaign of instability is something that was well hatched for synchronized activation.

“The people coalescing in this manner are connected one way or the other with the grand corruption that has kept Nigeria in the doldrums and they are also the ones that are losing their grips on the illicit revenue from corruption under the ongoing reforms.

“Even in the midst of these ominous conjugations however, we could not but notice the dark humor of the man credited as the father of corruption and the one that institutionalized corruption in Nigeria now grandstanding on the same issue in his desperation for relevance.

“IBB’s era as President saw Nigeria sat comfortably at the highest perch on the Global Corruption Index.

“Without him repenting and publicly apologizing for our commonwealth in addition to making restitution, he has suddenly found the courage to become Nigeria’s latest anticorruption crusader”, the group observed.

The New Initiative for Credible Leadership (NICReL), therefore, called on Nigerians to put the Obasanjo, IBB, and the other members of their “evil alliance (that are yet to come out) on notice that they shall be held responsible for any breach of peace in the run up to the 2019 General Elections.

“Their statements and utterances clearly indicate that they are secretly engaged in other activities destabilize the country even though the specifics of such evil machinations are not yet known.

“We shall lead our own coalition of the affected to attract the full weight of the law upon anyone that causes instability in the polity.

“We urge the Federal Government to immediately place anyone associated with threatening stability of Nigeria in this manner under watch.

“Caution must however be exercised in taking them in for questioning because their objective is to whip up sentiment around such reaction in their bid to find something with which to provoke civil unrest across the country.

“To this end, we advise the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to cancel his declaration of Afegbua wanted as this will only make him more relevant.

“His activities should rather be monitored and discretely investigated until there is overwhelming evidence to arraign him for any crimes committed in the course of implementing the agenda of the Evil Genius”, the group said.

When Group Discovered Rare Nigerian in Katsina

In an effort to find ways to ameliorate the humanitarian crisis in the North East and parts of North West Nigeria , some executives of the Joint Action Coalition of Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria sojourned in the Katsina State to make an assessment of its findings.

By a twist of events, the unusual developmental and entrepreneurial improvements in the state caught the attention of the organisation, which lead to the discovery of some citizens who has contributed and still contributing to the entrepreneurial revolution. While others are political appointees, others are not. The attention of our crew was caught one man who stands out in the North West of Nigeria, and Katsina in particular.

He is no doubt a political appointee but choose to be honorary, who from our investigation before this honorary appointment has in no small measure contributed to the upliftment of his people especially the youths.

He is currently the Honorary Special Adviser to the Katsina State Governor on international relations and investment Alhaji Ibrahim Zakari Ibrahim.

Findings by our team reveal that one striking quality of Hon. Zakari is his refusal to receive salaries and allowances statutorily due for his office from the Katsina State Government as a Special Adviser to the state Governor.

This made his position honourary. Since his assumption of office, he has transversed the length and the breathe of the international community, using his personal funds and contacts to attract a number of foreign entrepreneurs and investors to the state.

According to some youths we interacted with and our findings the Executive Coordinator of the civil society coalition, Comrade Isaac Ikpa who spoke to our correspondent said, a background check on this rare personality revealed that Hon. Zakari, is seen by the ordinary citizens of the state as a “true son of the soil” due to his humility and service to humanity .

Further findings by the non-governmental coalition, the Executive Coordinator revealed, shows that his appointment did not come as a surprise to the people of the state “due to his track record of love for humanity and readiness to make necessary sacrifices for a better society through job creation and humanitarian services and has since his assumption of office proven that he is in office to serve the people and not for the pecks of office.

“This is an uncommon trait at a time public officers are distinguished by how much loot they have carted away from the public treasury.

“There are few leaders in the country that have exhibited this level of patriotism in Nigeria of our time and someone may ask why we are making an issue out of this?

“It is not difficult to understand why. First, we did not visit Katsina State to look for who to praise.

“This young Nigerian’s story, was not part of our brief but it must be noted that until Nigeria and Nigerians begin to reward and honour people who have sacrificed their comfort for the rest of us, the country will continue to celebrate the corrupt and the looters”, he said.

On the numerous achievements of Hon. Zakari in office, Comrade Ikpa noted that from their findings, Hon. Zakari influenced the siting of Black oil refinery in Mashi Local Government of the state by Lakoi Energy Limited.

This led to the signing of an agreement between between Nigeria and Niger for the construction of the refinery in the border town between Republic of Niger and Katsina State, Nigeria and a crude oil pipeline from Republic of Niger to the new refinary which will be benifitial to both countries.

“Today, moribund industries are being handed over to technically competent firms by the state Governor and his Special Adviser on International Relations and Investment, have spearheaded the handing over of Kankara Kaolin and Neem Processing factory to BILAL GROUP U.A.E.

“This will, in no small measure, boost the state’s Internal Generated Revenue (IGR), create much needed skilled and unskilled employment opportunities for the people of the the state, amongst others secondary employment generation as a result of the activities of businessmen who would do patronize the company and from our findings the Honorary Special Adviser Investment traveled all the way to Dubai and brought Bilal Group to Invest in katsina State.

He also brought into the state Ampri Group, to whom the state government has handed over the Management of the Kankia Metal Works.

“Ampri Group, with the Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). As we understand, 400 people are expected to get direct employment and also thousands of indirect jobs will be provided to the teaming youth of the state”, the group’s Executive Coordinator observed.

A check by our correspondent shows, that nails production has resumed with expansion of three more lines i.e assembling of motorcycles and tricycles, PVC pipes and tubes in the state as a result of the MoU.

“Our findings also reveal that Hon. Zakari has been able to attract investors from Canada, China, India, England and USA, while targeting jobs creation in Agriculture and Mining”

“Also, through his initiative and cooperation of Governor Bello Masari, over 25000 women have been empowered for Dry season farming across the 34 local government areas.

“The efficiency of the Organic Fertilizer has shown positive impact in the state such that organic fertilizer re-packaging plant will be built in Funtua by a Canadian firm As I talk to you, Salad Greenhouse of Canada in Partnership with Katsina State Government the group’s Executive Coordinator revealed.

According to the coalition, “Katsina State now targets substantial increase in food production to enhance food and nutrition security by using 100% organic bio-fertilizers, which among other investments by foreign companies, will provide several employment opportunities to youths and farmers through improved production just because a rare Nigerian opted to do things differently and Hon. Ibrahim Zakari recently led a delegation of foreign investors from Holland and Pakistan on a courtesy call to the Executive Governor of Katsina State, Alhaji Aminu Bello Masari in their efforts to establish a textile factory, Vlisco Holland company.

Their visit was to formalise arrangement to establish a textile factory in Malumfashi which will boost cotton production in the state as before the oil boom Katsina State was responsible for 60% of cotton being produced in Nigeria”.

Nigeria indeed needs such men with vision, mordern ideas, wealth of experience, selfless personaity and exposure to also run for elective positions at all levels of government to bring about the desired change and speedy development of our great Nation Nigeria.

Stakeholders Make Presentations as Senate Begins Probe of Queens Collage Deaths

On Monday, the Senate Joint Committee on Basic Education and Health began public inquiry into the living conditions of Queens College students and the death of three secondary school students in the college last year.

As stakeholders in the educational sector, including members of the civil society, presented memorandum during the public hearing at the Senate, emotions rose as the rot in the educational sector, particularly at Federal Government owned unity schools, dominated that the presentations.

Earlier in his remark, the joint Committee chairman, Senator Aliyu Wamakko, noted, like many other stakeholders, that it was obvious that over population in the college and long term infrastructural decay lead to the avoidable deaths of the three school girls.

He noted that the Public Hearing was part of efforts to unravel the truth about the cause of the deaths in order to avert a reoccurrence, emphasising that the exercise was not vindictive.

Declaring the event open, the President of the Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki, represented by the Chief Whip, Senator Olusola Adeyeye urged the Committee to proffer ways to revamp the Nigerian educational sector “for further legislative action”.

Revealing the rot she inherited at the College and efforts made to salvage the situation, the former Principal of the college, Dr. Mrs Lami Amodu observed that on assumption of duty at the college she quickly assessed the situation and drew up a “shopping list” containing urgently needed items and rehabilitation of the decayed infrastructure she inherited.

According to her, the shopping list was shared with relevant stakeholders, including the old girls of the college and the ministry of education.

She also recalled how she formally informed the Federal Ministry of Education on the level of decay of the facilities in the college shortly after her deployment to the school.

However, Mrs Amodu alleged that her efforts to ensure a paradigm shift in the administration of the college resulted in a rift with some old girls.

Following the deaths, which she noted took place while the school was on vacation, she insisted that some persons began a campaign of calumny against her, by sponsoring propaganda with the aim of indicting her in the media.

When asked by a member of the Committee, Senator Theodore Orji, if she suspected a conspiracy against her, Mrs Amodu told the Senate Committee pointedly that the old girls leadership took advantage of her being a civil servant, who could not reply them in the media, to sponsor propaganda against her in what she described as a “a vendetta agenda” by some old girls of the college.

The former Principal lamented that “Rather than come together to fashion out ways of avoiding a reccurrence of this ugly incident that happened in Queen’s College, unfortunately, soon after I left, it is saddening that some people found it very convenient to politicise the unfortunate death of these innocent children by suggesting through various sponsored publications that I am responsible for the deaths of the children.

“This is not only cruel and malicious but it shows the extent of the organised conspiracy and gang-ups”, Mrs Amodu said, insisting that no death was recorded in the school after the vomiting incident that earlier occurred before their Inter-house sports as none of the unfortunate deaths happened while the school was in session.

She insisted that prior to the vomiting incident, some old girls of the school had forced their way into the kitchen area of the school and she suspected a fowl play.

The President of the old girls Prof. Funmi Ajose, who admitted that the old girls were at the college, claimed they were there to inspect facilities in the school.

A former Principal of Kings College, Lagos, Mr. Sylvester Onoja observed that from his personal experience, old boy and girls in the unity schools were known to resist positive change. He recalled how some old boys ganged up against him to frustrate him while in Kings college, urging the government to ensure improvement to check over population in the unity colleges.

“In most cases when directors are posted to schools that is not their place of origin they face challenges of acceptability”, Mr Onoja said, adding that in a lot of cases PTA and Old students association try to control school administrators. He disclosed that there have been a long decay of infrastructure in schools.

The Minority Leader Nigerian Youth Parliament, Hon. Obande Gideon Obande who spoke on behalf of the Parliament and other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), observed that Infrastructure decay have been inherited by the past principals and more preventive measures should be put in place, urging government to properly fund the schools as routine vaccination of students would have prevented the deaths that occurred.

He also said from investigations there was ego fight and attempt to control school management by some cabals and warn against such interference if the educational system must be safeguarded to guarantee the future of the younger generation.

Speaking with newsmen after the hearing, the Minority leader maintained that if the issue at stake was that an appropriation by the ministry of education was mismanaged by the former principal, the blame on the decayed infrastructure would be hers.


Group to Obasanjo: We’re True Coalition For Nigeria, You Built Strong Individuals in 8 Yrs

A group, which describes itself as the true Coalition For Nigeria has accused former President Olusegun Obasanjo of rushing to town with his “Clarion Call” christen “Coalition for Nigeria” without “due diligence to realize that such coalition already exists”.

The orgnisation therefore alerted Nigeria of “the re-emergence of a force that had always mitigated against the wellbeing of the country even while masquerading as good intentions”, arguing that “the name of that threat is Olusegun Obasanjo, who has an history of regarding Nigeria as his fiefdom from which he and his offspring are entitled to pillage at every turn.”

At a press briefing in Abuja on Thursday, the National President of the group, Patriot Sabo Odeh accused the former President of spending eight years as a democratically elected president building strong individuals are today at the “core of undermining institutions and the democratic structures” in the county.

The group regretted that the former President was unable to “focused on building strong institutions and enduring systems as opposed to the strong individuals created by his regime”.

According to Patriot Odeh, “Obasanjo’s recent stint in the classroom, which has earned him a PhD, has proven beneficial in that he has marginally learnt to summarize his rambling thoughts and stream of consciousness in fewer words. He castigated the present government in his 13-page statement, an improvement on the 18-page attack on former President Goodluck Jonathan.

“His supposedly improved intellect however failed him as he did not succeed in hoodwinking Nigerians as to his true intentions. Far from making interventions that will help stabilize the nation, his true intention, revealed at the end of his statement, is to re-launch himself into politics.

“He desires to walk back his brash decision to quit politics by exploiting the current situations in the land and ride on the wave of populism.

“We realize that some of those peddling Obasanjo’s statement as the holy grail are trying to desensitize people to its impropriety by claiming that Nigerians should consider the message and not the messenger. But to us, a people who do not see in Obasanjo a messenger that should be disregarded are set for doom because nothing honourable has ever come out this vessel.

“Even worse than the messenger is the toxic message that was crafted only to satisfy his own agenda of continuing to hold Nigeria in servitude”, he observed.

Arguing that ex-president Obasanjo did well to anticipate in his statement that “discerning Nigerians will ask “what does Obasanjo want again?”, he however “shied from the truth in the answers he provided when he claimed to have the best interest of Nigeria at heart.

“If he truly does, in the eight years he spent as a democratically elected president, he would have focused on building strong institutions and enduring systems as opposed to the strong individuals created by his regime, who today are at the core of undermining institutions and the democratic structures. What does Obasanjo want again? Coalition for Nigeria says Obasanjo wants to fraudulently recover at a roundabout what he carelessly lost at an intersection.

“Obasanjo’s god-self-delusion might have started at the very start of his career in the military but he took it to the limit when against common sense and the provision of the 1999 Constitution attempted to impose himself on Nigerians in his infamous Third Term Bid, which experts rightly interpreted as a shot at life presidency since he would have begun a fresh rule had he succeeded”, he noted.

Further taking Obasanjo to the cleaners, the group added that “The failure of his tenure elongation bid left Obasanjo a bitter old man, who has since that time harbored animosity towards all Nigerians – he sees in all of us enemies that must be punished hence his constant interjections once he sees the country slipping out of the traps and pitfalls he had craftily orchestrated before he grudgingly left office in 2007.

“Such life of tantrum and indiscretion led to him writing off former President Goodluck Jonathan – even though Nigerians had become sufficiently tired of Jonathan continuing with Obasanjo’s legacy of corruption. It is therefore comical that Obasanjo regards himself as the oracle of Nigerian politics, whose pronouncement dictates the direction of things.

“The dismal outcome that awaits his latest escapade would definitely be a lesson to him in how not to meddle with national affairs when citizens have made up their mind about their destinies.

“Ordinarily we would have disregarded Obasanjo’s latest outburst but for a series of other happenstances that suggest that his letter is part of a larger plot to mislead and destabilize the country. In this regard, the former president appears to be the elder statesmen’s wing of a malcontent rabble that is determined to return Nigeria back to the days of kleptocracy founded by him.

“Just a few hours before he sent out his cantankerous statement, the street gang called Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) group had sullied the streets with its Red Card campaign. We have wondered if it a mere coincidence that a convener of BBOG, Oby Ezekwesili, was a minister in Obasanjo’s cabinet. This is a group that is known to be on the payroll of neocon entities that are committed to destroying Nigeria.

“By his own admission, Obasanjo has been undertaking many foreign trips, which we understand are covers for scheming with foreign interests that are closet enemies of our country. It is not farfetched it turns out that he is the conduit that ships in funds for BBOG and other anti-Nigeria groups.

“We continue to wonder how lower Obasanjo can sink in exacting vengeance against those he thought denied him of a third term in office, which he loosely interprets as all Nigerians. We do not in any way deserve the crisis he is preparing to launch.

“We however agree with Obasanjo that the journey for a new Nigeria starts now but it is a trip that the country will make without him since he has shown in his eight-year tenure that he is a blind man who has no business leading a people talk less of leading them to the promised land.

“He created the template that made the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) into a witch hunt machine, which President Buhari’s administration is working hard to reposition as an institution that fights crime with due process.

“His lies were exposed when he reminded us that he quit active politics and even tore his PDP membership card but yet he wants to lead Coalition for Nigeria (CN). This is criminally dubious to say the least. Obasanjo does not belong to the league of true Patriotic Nigerians but has rather repeatedly proven himself to be a mere psychopath who thinks all his predecessor must do his biddings. The world has run out of patience with demagogues and Nigerians want none of Obasanjo’s megalomaniac disposition.

“We, the Coalition for Nigeria, agree that there is need to move from our current state of affairs in Nigeria but those that will lead us do not belong to Obasanjo’s circle and certainly not Obasanjo himself. We see President Buhari as having fulfilled his place and mission in history, which is to disrupt and overturn the status quo such that his successors, when the time comes, will build on his works to give us the Nigeria of our vision.

“If the Obasanjo government was half as sincere as the present administration, the troubles of today would have not cropped up in the first place. It is most insulting that the same man is today bragging about assembling teams of experts when his terms in office were spent in partitioning the country and allocating huge chunks to his cronies including initiating privatization programmes that simply gifted the country to a mafia”, the Coalition maintained.

For them, “the hidden call for street protests and civil disobedience in Obasanjo’s statement is not lost on us. Protests are needed against the vampiric leaders that have refused to allow the country work and Obasanjo is among such people so we urge that he should be careful what he is wishing and calling for because while we want his likes to let the polity be we have no intention of descending into violence to achieve this.

“Peaceful engagement remains our choice approach so we urge Nigerians not to allow themselves to be misled into taking actions that would jeopardize our democratic institutions.

“Unlike Obasanjo and his BBOG foot soldiers, who rushed to the streets without the benefit of information and focused deliberations, the Coalition for Nigeria has continued to fine tune its strategies for engaging Nigerians and will intimate Nigerians of its plans at the right time.

“This plan will be geared towards Nigerians genuinely recovering the country from political vampires that were first empowered under the government of Obasanjo. They have been doing everything to retain the criminal influence and wealth they have gathered under him and will stop at nothing to cripple the country if they do not have their way in national matters.

“We nonetheless have our positions on certain issues that the likes of Obasanjo have exploited. On the clashes between farmers and herdsmen, our position is that the federal government immediately investigate the roles of all stakeholders in the crisis including governors that have been accused of arming ethnic militias and associations that have held press briefings to justify reprisal attacks.

“We however submit that the government looks beyond ethnic, religious and political undertone of the crisis to address issues like cultural attachment, climate change, and the possible connection with international terrorism if any. Our demand for immediate action on this crisis is premised on the risk of politicians further using the farmers/herders’ crisis to commit mischief ahead of the 2019 General Elections”, the group demanded.

The Coalition for Nigeria further tasked the government to broaden its search for solutions to Nigeria’s myriad problem “given the ignoble roles being played by saboteurs who pretend to be activists.

“A lot of the problems the country faces are hatched abroad and executed by these so call activists who would rather sell their country down the river for a mess of pottage. The government must identify the international financing of such groups and disrupt same in the interest of the majority of innocent citizens whose lives would be jeopardized if these fifth columnists are allowed to have their way.

“We therefore wish to alert law enforcement agencies to the plots by criminal elements to unleash violence on the streets of our cities using violent protests as the catalysts to provoke security personnel into clashing with them.

“May we point out that the first phase of the protests failed to gain traction as Nigerians refused to be used by the commercial activists paid to staged such event. Obasanjo’s statement was mean to be a morale booster for these groups and now that the statement too has spectacularly failed to provoke the kind of unrest they have in mind they are likely to move into another facet that involves causing confusion during one of their outing, shoot at their own members and blame security agencies for injuring or killing them.

“Some of the leaders of this protest movement have held meetings with those used for staging the Arab Spring in the Middle East and North Africa with a view to replicating the strategy of provoking security operatives to clamp down on violent protesters and then invite the intervention of the international community.

“Since Obasanjo has declared himself the defacto leader of this destabilization movement, which is not to be confused with the authentic Coalition for Nigeria, we hereby put him on notice that the patriotic citizens of this nation shall hold him accountable for any resulting breach of the peace arising from the activities of his followers.

“He completed his tenure without meddling from anyone and we expect that he will allow Nigeria to run smoothly without him poisoning our land with his unguarded statements” the coalition concluded.


How Maina Recovered Fresh $44m, N486b Stolen Funds

Former Chairman of the defunct Pension Reform Task Team, Dr Abdulrasheed Maina may have aided the discovery of missing $44 million belonging to the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), PENSION COMM, HEAD OF SERVICE UNREMMITTED TSA FUNDS etc.

This is even as he also assisted in the discovery of another N486bn belonging to the Nigerian Pension Commission with Pension Custodians.

Nigerian government, in an effort to add impetus to its anti graft war, began a whistleblower policy, which has helped the government recover trillions of stolen federal government funds.

The former presidential task force boss who pledged to assist the President Muhammadu Buhari administration in recovery of over N3 trillion trapped pension funds in 97 outfits in the country is said to have commenced tracking the funds.

Recently, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of the Federation Mr Abubakar Malami broke the news to the sitting Senate Committee on how Dr Maina gave intelligence which led to the recovery and savings of N1.3 trillion for the federal government in early 2017. Also in the news was the plan by the President to reassign him with a view to recovering trapped funds across different sectors of the economy. Insiders disclosed that Maina is already on track.

It was reported that he is also to assist in recovery of other funds trapped in different agencies like the recently reported unaccounted funds lodged in Banks under the office of the Head of Service of the Federation, which has not been remitted into the Treasury Single Account (TSA) of the Federal Government of Nigeria, the NNPC, PENCOMM and the NIA funds.

The newest development is said to have excited the Presidency, which is not leaving any stone unturned in the efforts to recover all looted funds by public officials.

Sources from the presidency had disclosed that Mr President is interested not only in the recovery of the trapped N3 trillion pension funds which is said to be stashed in different places but the credible intelligence he already provided which has yielded results and is continuing to yield more positive results. These funds will be used by the Government to ensure that Nigerians have a taste of Democracy dividends beginning 2018. Government is said to be highly interested and want the funds urgently recovered.

The source had disclosed that “The new coming of Mr Maina has started rattling Heads of agencies but as indicated by our source that “it will be more interesting in the coming months, as his sole responsibility will be to recover not only the N3tr but other government funds being siphoned by some greedy Nigerians to the detriment of the economy in all MDA’s.”

The source further revealed that, Mr. Maina has compiled list of all those involved and those still keeping some funds and will soon be released especially those involved in the pension scam, NIA, PENCOMM and NNPC hidden funds and would further give more insight into those former Heads of Services and Top Officials both within and outside Government who took so much funds and are hidding them. Maina is said to have compiled with supporting documents on how his led PRTT was able to recover the N282 billion and N1.6 trillion between 2010 and 2013, and how these funds were shared.

Our source further disclosed that the EFCC under Magu may be belittled to realize that what Maina recovered is 100 times more than what they have been chasing since the inception of the Asministration.

He has also given unrefutable evidences on how the 222 Pension properties were shared and those involved.

Government is said to have been working with Maina on these funds without the Anti graft agencies involved so that the facts and full details could be seen from a different angle.

Sources at the presidency indicated that Maina has been operating under the radar to be able to get all the facts without any interfereance. “so much unaccounted and unremitted funds are still being used and siphoned by some Heads of MDAs including Anti graft agencies.

Gov Shettima Hands Over Chibok Girl, Pogu to NSA

Governor Kashim Shettima has handed over the recently rescued Chibok girl, Salomi Pogu, alongside Jamila Adams with her 16 months old daughter to the National Security Adviser (NSA), Babagana Monguno, in his office in Abuja.

‪Jamila a 14 year old became friends with Salomi during captivity by Boko Haram in a village in Gwoza Local Government Area.‬

The NSA, while receiving the girls, on Thursday, assured the Governor of adequate care and psychotherapy before reintegration into the society. ‬

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Buratai: What A Time To Be Proud Of Nigeria ‎By Nneka Obi

The last time I visited Nigeria was in 2013. My husband approved my request to visit home to celebrate the Christmas and New Year.

I came with our three children, Chidi, Okey and my lovely little daughter, Amarachi. It was the second time I would make a trip home since we relocated to the United States of America (USA) in 2005 in search of greener pastures and safety.

The heightened insecurity in Nigeria, which also exploded more dangerously in the Southeast, the region of my birth and where we were domiciled, compelled the imperative to relocate to safer havens.

Unbridled acts of criminality and violent agitations from separatists movements in the region caused anxiety and unrests too frequently.

It crazily caused deaths, tears and sorrows all too often for comfort. So, America was our choice destination. We have since lived in America and visit home once after a long time.

A place of birth has its charm, fondness and memories, incomparable to any other place. Sometimes, the feeling of nostalgia would grip us so strong, but shall dissipate, once you read online news, only to be assailed with more daring, reckless and indiscriminate exploits of armed criminals on hapless citizens.

In 2013, when we last visited home, we spent two days in Abuja and eagerly proceeded to the village, at Abakpa , in Enugu state.

We had six weeks to spend at home all through the New Year. But the excitement vanished after the first week.

I enjoyed the company of granny, old friends and neighbours. But we could not endure the horror of attacks and killings.

By the second week, senseless and violent armed robberies, kidnappings for ransom, targeted at foreign- based indigenes who came home for the yuletide, cult clashes and other allied crimes gave us enough phobia and psychological trauma. We had to immediately move out of the Southeast.

I cried out to my husband about our fears and restlessness and he advised us to relocate to Abuja to spend the rest of the vacation. I complied instantly.

When I narrated our ordeal to him, he was shocked beyond words and almost vowed, it was the last time we visited home again.

But almost five years after, and with a new political leadership in Nigeria, with President Muhammedu Buhari, at the helm, we kept reading about the insecurity situation not just in the Southeast, but the whole of Nigeria has improved positively.

And that even Boko Haram insurgents were given lethal blows by the Nigerian soldiers and defeated.

We learnt in the case of the Southeast, like anywhere else, the Nigerian military conducted various operations to flush out armed criminals.

It again, revived the home-like feeling in me like no any other time. My husband protested, but I insisted the security situation has improved tremendously, based on what we read in the news and the confessions of relations and acquaintances we sought confirmation back home.

Eventually, my husband again, reluctantly approved my request to visit home for the 2017 yuletide and New Year celebrations. We arrived in the early days of December and had an almost instant passage to the country home in Abakpa.

The nearly eight hours journey on the road from Abuja to Enugu-Abakpa were quite revealing especially from Ogbadibo in the neighbouring Benue state to Enugu.

We did not encounter the usual intimidating security roadblocks at every turn of a kilometer on the road. Vehicular traffic flowed much freer with less interruption.

Travellers or commuters wore excited and nostalgic faces. No intimidation or harassments from masked criminal gangs. We travelled blissfully until we got to the village.

This was the first hint I got that the haunting insecurity of our people has improved for the better.

In the village, with my family, the usual fun with people was not short-lived by the feeling of fear on what next would happen as was our experience in 2013.

We hardly heard of kidnappings, armed robberies and agitations from restive youths and other criminal elements.

Alas, the Southeast was from from the siege of criminal gangs? I wondered aloud! We exchanged visits and frisked all corners of the villages and the state without any attack from the armed gangs.

It was at this point it dawned on me clearly that the positive reports I read about improved security in Nigeria was true.

I didn’t hear of bomb explosions on Christmas day in any big city in Nigeria, as had been the tradition a few years back.

I felt so relieved. And when I made contacts with my kith and kin in other parts of the Southeast, they confirmed similar stories of violence-free twin celebrations in 2017.

This reality ignited my interest and restored my confidence in the Nigerian Army. I was told the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) was Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai.

I also learnt Mr. President appointed him some years back. I have never met him physically Gen. Buratai before, but was encountering him through his good works in my region of birth. It is unbelievable that through him Nigeria has regained its dignity on security.

Through these inquiries, I was made to understand the clean tap water we were consuming in the village came from the Abakpa military Cantonment under the 82 Division, Nigerian Army.

I was marveled and pleasantly surprised, to discover a Nigerian Army could project itself with such human face by executing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects in any community in Nigeria.

Abakpa is a community that has never had pipe borne water since its evolution and it is the first time it is enjoying the privilege of being a host community to the Nigerian Army.

I got to know, Army Resident engineers at Abakpa Cantonment in Enugu, constructed a gigantic water treatment plant, with a capacity of treating and supplying one million litres of water daily, which has been extended to host communities.

I tried to find out from my people why it appeared too easy and in a jiffy to have such relief, after decades of suffering over water.

They opened up into more goodies the current leadership of the Nigerian Army under Gen. Buratai has extended to the Southeast region.

I was informed the Army launched the “Operation Python Dance I & II” to cleanse communities of armed miscreants, hooligans and criminals at different times.

And each time, the Python, an ancestral reptile, which signifies peace, came to dance, communities in the Southeast benefitted from water, medical assistance and other numerous CSR projects for the people.

They were unanimous that the Nigerian Army has reached new heights in civil/military relations, courting the friendship of communities, but very harsh on armed gangs.

I felt enthralled and had almost resolved within me not to go back to our base in USA anymore. But it was a decision I could not take alone.

I needed to discuss it with my husband and obtain his consent. I reached out to my husband and informed him of the changes at home, especially on insecurity, which marooned us away in foreign lands for years.

I told him the armed criminals who erroneously thought Enugu could be their permanent operational base; those who threatened and frightened everybody at sight have been uprooted from the state, including the notorious billionaire kidnapper.

My husband was quite happy and shocked at the same time. But relocating back home was not an easy option either. We had all established in America and that sort of movement is planned, before execution.

However, I felt my joy incomplete without contributing my small quota in assisting the Nigerian Army sustain the tempo of its humanitarian works and security in the region.

I instantly resolved to reach out to Igbos in the Diaspora to explore the possibility of throwing our support and weight behind Nigerian Army to see that our ancestral places remain conducive homes for all.

It’s a message I have taken back to the USA and I pray God to help me actualize this plan. We look anxiously to when the Python would stage another dance at Enugu again.

And if my mission to mobilise Enugu sons and daughters in Diaspora becomes fruitful, the next time the Army under Buratai stages a comeback, our shadows would be right behind him in support to assist us construct roads, build some schools and electrify communities.

This would provide more relief to communities, since it appears some of our State Governors have abandoned their basic developmental obligations to people for politicking.

So, when the Python comes to dance again, we hope to dance together. This is a time to be proud of Nigeria and the Nigerian Army.

Obi, a Nigerian based in the Diaspora contributed this piece from New Jersey, USA.

Call for CMDs’ Sack Targeted at Rubbishing Your Administration – Group Tells Buhari

A pro-health civil society group, the Health Watch Initiative has urged President Muhammadu Buhari not to yield to mounting pressure for the removal of the Chief Medical Directors (CMDs) in Federal Medical Centres (FMCs) across the country, arguing that the CMDs are professionals, not politicians.

This was contained in a letter to the President dated January 9, 2017 and signed by the Executive Director of Health Watch Initiative, Hon. Bulawayo Suleiman, insisting that the clamour was instigated by greed and quest for office as part of a ploy to distract the Buhari administration.

According to the group, in the letter titled “Ignore the Sevent Force, CMDs Are Not Politicians But Professional Medical Doctors Enhancing the Health Sector of Your Administation”, politically exposed persons were behind a petition urging Mr. President to fire CMDs appointed by previous administration.

The letter reads,”We bring greetings from the good people of Nigeria, the poor masses whom your administrative policy affect directly.

“Sir, since the beginning of your administration, there have being one or two distractions caused by greed and quest for public office as so many of your trusted cabinet members were blackmailed.

“To a large extent, you were forced to suspend and sack the former SGF Babachir Lawal who was one of the strongest pillars of your administration.

“Today, the maradona has changed the attention to statutory bodies with professional intelligence just to rubbish your perceived 2019 re-election bid. This is so, because, in a petition signed by one John Folarin Odusota date 8th January, 2018, alleged that, CMDs of Federal Medical Centres who were appointed by the Previous administration should be immediately sacked, claiming that they don’t share in your vision. This is a blatant lie that must not be allowed to survive an hour.

“Your Excellency Sir, the petitioner failed to understand that, these crop of CMDs were appointed from the service of the same hospital where they work and know the terrain thus improving the services of the hospital.

“Most of them like the FMC Makurdi has worked so hard to improve the hospital which is evident on the improved services acknowledged by Benue community in recent time.

“It is believed that, some politically exposed persons are pushing through Odusota and his group of The Seventh Force to dissolve the working team of Federal Medical Centers across the country to fix themselves into the offices.

“You must not blackmail to earn public office as the underscore of the heads is generally unacceptable especially the use of FMC Makurdi as a case study.

“Your Excellency, we must not allow sentiment or politics to affect our critical sector such as health, as we recommend that, the said petition be ignored and warn politicians to stay away from professional services especially in the health sector” the group stated.

South East Group Hails Nigerian Army, Buratai Over Patronage of Indigenous Manufacturers

Nigerians have continued to commend  the Nigerian Army, following the Army’s decision to partner with local car manufacturer, Innoson Motors in the manufacturing of military vehicles and other hardwares

The Army it will be recalled had also partnered with Shoe makers in Aba to acquire boots for it’s men and officers.

Joining in the array of commendations, the South East Renewal Group (SERG) likened the latest partnership with Innoson as balm on a sore spot given the contrived negativity that has been hyped about the mindset the Army has for the South-East and Igbo businesses.

Addressing journalists in Abuja, President General of SERG, Charles Mbani commended the NIgerian Army, its leadership under Chief of Army Staff, COAS, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai and President Muhammadu Buhari for growing the partnership with Innoson Motors Manufacturing Company and other south east business owners.

He said through this action, the COAS has again shown that he has the best interest of the country at heart.

According to Mbani, the Army has by this partnership with Innoson further demonstrated that Nigeria can significantly reduce its dependence on foreign entities for the supply of gears for securing the nation.

He said it gives hope that we will soon be exporting armoured vehicles to other countries because we have demonstrated the capabilities of these products in real operational environments.

He said, “The Army has given a lifeline to the hundreds of industries located in our part of the country. We must note at this point that the Army also bought its boots and shoes from Aba, so its commitment to seeing industries in our land grow is not mere eye-service but a well calculated attempt to address youth unemployment and their resulting restiveness. It is our firm belief that continuing along this path will leave terrorist groups without idle youths to recruit for making trouble and harassing law-abiding Nigerians.

“The patronage of Innoson Motors Manufacturing Company may appear insignificant, or may be promoted by saboteurs as something to be taken for granted, but we dare say the gains from this singular act are unquantifiable even as they tally with the government’s avowal to diversify the economy, which involves strengthening the manufacturing sector and saving crucial foreign exchange for the country.

“From our informal interaction with relevant stakeholders, we can already confirm that the deal between the Nigerian Army and Innoson is already deepening local manufacturing. When we make this point it is not about the number of cars that roll off Inosson Motors Manufacturing Company’s production line but the multiplier effects that come from such enterprise. We foresee more companies keying into the expansion that the Army’s orders portend for Innoson.

“The Army’s order is also building the economy as a lot of money has been saved since the vehicles delivered to it were not ordered from abroad. The resources committed to their purchase have been left circulating within our economy. For us, it is a thing of joy that the Nigerian Army has practically sent a strong message about the quality of Made in Nigeria Products. This will rub off on the products from the south-east.”

He therefore reminded south eaterners that contrary to the propaganda of those who had held them hostage under different guises, the Nigerian Army truly stepped in to liberate towns and cities from miscreants that were implementing destructive agenda under the guise of liberating the Igbo nation from an imaginary occupation.

He urged them to join hands with the Nigerian Army, the Chief of Army Staff and all military personnel to ensure that security of lives and properties, which has remained a priority of the Buhari administration is acchived.

He said the call becomes necessary so as to prevent  a situation where fifth columnists hide behind ethnic agitations to disrupt industrial activities as they earlier attempted to do.

Innoson To Manufacture Military Vehicles For Nigerian Army

In line with the resolve of the leadership of the Nigerian Army to domesticate manufacturing of its wares, Nigeria indigenous motor manufacturing company, Innoson Motors has entered into partnership with the Army for modification of some of its equipment, local production of armoured fighting vehicles and other military hardwares.

The partnership follows the satisfactory performance of three Innoson vehicles deployed in the troubled North Eastern region found to be durable.

According to a statement signed by the Director, Army Public Relations, Brig Gen SK Usman and made available to The Nigerian online news portal on Tuesday, the partnership was entered during a meeting between the management of the company let by the Chairman, Dr. Innocent Chukwuma and the leadership of the Nigerian Army led by the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General TY Buratai at the Army Headquarters, Abuja.

Speaking on the essence of the partnership, the Chief of Army Staff said was to formalize the business relationship between the Nigerian Army and Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company.

“The Nigerian Army being patriotic and in a bid to encourage local entrepreneurs asked Innoson Motors to supply 3 vehicles early last year which were found to be durable and performing very well as they were employed in combat and proved to be useful, comfortable and convenient in military operations.

“Based on that the Nigerian Army acquired over 70 more variants of the Innoson vehicles which were deployed in the North East for Operation LAFIYA DOLE”, Gen Buratai stated.

He further explained that the Nigerian Army desires to deepens its cooperation by partnering with Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Limited to conceptualize, design, modify and produce military hardwares.

According to the Army Chief, the specific areas of partnership between the Nigerian Army and the company include immediate supply of 100 vehicles, supply of appropriate gears, engines and chassis required for immediate modifications and repairs of armoured fighting vehicles in the North East Theatre of Operations.

Other areas according to the statement include identifying requirements for production of armoured fighting vehicle in Nigerian Army Central Workshop in Kaduna and enhancing capacity of Nigerian Army personnel to actively participate on the successful implementation of the joint ventures.

Responding, Doctor Innocent Chukwuma expressed happiness that the Nigerian Army has found his vehicles working perfectly and commended the Chief of Army Staff for his great sense of patriotism.

He promised to assist the Nigerian Army in its quest for better vehicles for its troops and resuscitation of its Special Vehicle Plant and Workshops.

Dr.Chukwuma further thanked the Chief of Army Staff for the commendation, maintaining that his company would continue to improve and expand its capacity in vehicle manufacturing and commended the Nigerian Army for the critical role it is playing in national development through the fight against insurgency in the North East and Nigeria in general.

Highlight of the occasion was inspection and handing over of 3 of the newly manufactured vehicles by the company for trial by the Nigerian Army. These newly manufactured vehicles are; IVM G80 Bigger Jeep, IVM G40 Smaller Jeep and IVM Granite Pickup.

Open Letter to Shekau: Now That It Is Finished By Mustapha Ali

Dear Abubakar Shekau,


I want to use this special season of the 2018 New Year to write this open letter to you and the few adherents, you are still brainwashing, shielding and hypnotizing to feebly sustain the visit on humanity with erratic insurgency atrocities in some obscure communities in Nigeria’s Northeast.

The image your supporters proclaim on cyber space is far from reality and hence the need to write you this medium. I have spent the best part of my adult life in Borno state and the Northeast generally.

I am aware of the evolution of Boko Haram terrorism, a resentful, aberrant and inhuman religious sect, you have led for years.

I am also aware of Boko Haram insurgency’s various stages of metamorphosis; from a small sect to when it enlarged and became untamable or very wild and the ghost of its formal self now. I equally know of the period when you blossomed in atrocities; recklessly bombing public places, security formations, schools and marketplaces etc. There was a time your gang victoriously held Nigerians captive, by invading communities and villages, killing and abducting innocent citizens unhindered.

I know of when you captured swathes of territories or communities in Nigeria; deposed traditional rulers, appointed your own Emirs and foisted your flags in conspicuous places.

Dear Shekau, that was time then, when you publicly boasted of invincible might and strength. The reality now is quite different, since President Muhammadu Buhari became the leader of our great country, Nigeria.

His appointment of the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai as leader of the Counter-insurgency war has been your greatest setback and nemesis.

A courageous, disciplined, patriotic and outstanding soldier, Gen. Buratai instantly changed the face of the anti-terrorism war.

He took the war to you in the forests, mountains, caves and to your Camp Zero in Sambisa Forest in he Northeast.

You were lucky enough to escape, but abandoned your copy of the Holy Koran and the Boko Haram insignia , which you cherish so much, symbolizing your defeat and surrender.

May I remind you that scores of your fighters were not as lucky as you, as they were consumed in the inferno of this encounter with Nigerian troops.; many surrendered thereafter and have kept surrendering to the Nigerian Army.

Shekau, even a blind man knows you are now a spent force and the sect, a shadow of itself .

You have been depleted; you have suffered in irrecoverable damages. That’s why you have been on the run.

Its even difficult for you to appear in recorded videos and brag like before. You neither have physical nor mental stability, to co-ordinate and execute the heinous atrocities on Nigerians and humanity anymore.

This reality is clear enough to discern. As Boko Haram’s factional leader, Abubakar Shekau, you are now unarguably the most flustered and distressed leader of a rebel sect anywhere in the world today.

You have lost the capacity to execute your habituated brutality, satanic and vicious brand of terrorism, recklessly bombing, killing and abducting Nigerians as was the experience in the past.

Shekau, you once declared in one of your numerous videos that the Boko Haram battle is finished. It means invariably that you bowed to the supremacy of the Nigerian state and its security forces.

In August 2017, your rival leader, Abu Musad Al-Barnawi, had predicted that the Nigerian military will defeat you and your Mujahiddeen (Commanders) who believe in the violent application of Islamic doctrines adopted by your sect.

This prediction has come to pass. It is senseless for you to continue to allow your followers to meet untimely deaths in the hands of the Nigerian military.

You have against all sound reasoning continued to feign might and preaching to the remaining few commanders not to surrender.

Death has been their reward in the hands of the military and this cruelty to your foot soldiers is very ungodly. I elect upon myself to counsel you that no wise fighter continues with a losing battle.

You are losing Commanders and foot soldiers almost daily in the hands of the Nigerian security forces.

It is extremely ridiculous and the earlier, you retrace your steps, the better for you and the few surviving Commanders.

Please save yourself from this discomfort and impending disgrace as the manhunt for you is very strong and widespread. Why deprive yourself and followers who desperately want to renounce your violent ideologies and turn to God?

It is never too late, as with genuine repentance, God will forgive your sins and make you appreciate the value of humanity.

God has this power and He can even turn them into His messengers in spreading the light of truth and love for humanity. Let me assure you that you don’t have to be scared to take this move or decision.

I trust that the Federal Government and some international organizations will arrange for exit programs for you and your gang of reprobates.

This is the most viable option at your disposal now and the earlier you take full advantage of it, the better.

Don’t be misled by any false illusion that the Federal Government and the world are interested in negotiating with your team any longer.

This possibility does not exist anymore, as the Nigerian military has taken over the game and are fully in charge.

I wish to reassure you and your few supporters that if you desire to surrender and disappear into exile anytime soon, some humanitarian organizations are willing to assist you with conditions that may be different from your mindset.

Be aware that accepting defeat on its strength alone is another sign of your own victory, as I believe it is completely needless to sustain the losing of more foot soldiers in the hands of the Nigerian military.

This is my New Year message to you and your supporters.

And I pray you to harken to the voice of reason, as regret is the last wailing of an obstinate fly.

Yours ever,

Mustapha Ali

Coalition Describes Fuel Scarcity as Economic Terrorism, Demands Immediate Sack of NNPC GMD, Others


An amalgamation of civil society groups under the aegis of the Stand Up for Nigeria Coalition (SUN-CO) has called foe the immediate resignation of the Group Managing Director of Nigerian NationalPetroleum Corporation (NNPC), Mr. Maikanti Baru or be immediately shown the way out by President Muhammadu Buhari over the lingering fuel scarcity in the country.

The coalition noted that the continued scarcity of petroleum products in the country it’s an economic terrorism which has caused Nigerians untold pains.

According to its Convener, Comrade Philip Agbese, at a press briefing in Abuja on Monday, the only thing Nigerians can understand “after series of meetings and Consultations is for fuel to immediately return to the filling stations and let us end this suffering and pains caused by the ineptitude of one man who is abusing his rights and privileges.”

The coalition noted that it has watched worsening fuel crisis “with alarm and concern as Nigerians are coerced into wasting useful man-hours queuing for Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), otherwise called petrol, while almost half of the country’s population are denied the most important religious holiday having been prevented from spending Christmas holidays with families as they would have wished to.”

He revealed that “Having taken time to understand the underlying causes of the scarcity and the resulting hardship visited on Nigerians, SUN-CO, came to the irreversible conclusion that the leadership of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, is complicit in the ugly situation the country has been plunged into.

“SUN-CO therefore call on Mr. Maikanti Baru to immediately resign as NNPC GMD since he has totally lost the confidence of Nigerians after proving that his loyalty lies with the industry canal and not for the well-being of the common man. This act of wickedness and callousness exhibited by the GMD and his cronies at the NNPC is a further proof that some highly placed persons are deliberately sabotaging the efforts of the President.

“We therefore urge President Muhammadu Buhari to save his government from further incurring the anger of Nigerians by ensuring that Baru is shown the way out if he lacks the decorum to fall on his own sword after the punishment he has imposed on the country at a time when all citizens should be joyous.

“SUN-CO further urges Mr President to immediately name a new leader for NNPC so that Nigerians would not have a repeat of the 2012 scenario when they had to rise up against the government over the handling of fuel issues”, the coalition counselled.

Arguing that “this is not the best of times for anyone as a patriot to sit on the fence as the situation is at variance with the welfare policies of the Buhari administration, the Convener maintained that “Anyone that prophesses to love the country must first love the President and at all times be supportive of his well articulated programs and policies in line with this vision.

“It’s unfortunate that the enemies within have had a field day in the last few days and do not care about what happens to the image and personality of President Buhari whom Nigerians have trusted with the mandate to redeem them from sufferings and pains inflicted on us by past leaders of this country”, SUN-CO stated.

Breaking: Again, Assassins Storm Maina Family House in Kaduna, Whisk Away Security Guard

Barely five days after some haggard looking men suspected to be hired assassins invaded the home of the embattled former Chairman of the Presidential Taskforce Team on Pension Reforms, Abdulrasheed Maina in Abuja, brandishing sophisticated weapons and harassing his family members, his family house in Kaduna was again attacked at about 900hours on Christmas eve.

An eyewitness, who simply identified himself as Mallam Salisu, told The Street Reporters that no fewer than nine (9) men arrived the house in a Hilux van and a Peugeot 406 car.

They were said to have driven straight to the family house where Maina’s mother resides at Kawu area of Kaduna State.

While the Hilux van was stationed outside the house, the 406 was driven straight into the compound and one of the occupants asked of Abdulrasheed Maina and his mother’s whereabouts.

After ransacking the house, breaking the front and the back doors as well as the ceiling in the process, and not finding their targets, the men who were shouting “Where Maina?”; “Where is the mother?” before they tired up the security man and took him to an unknown destination.
He was later dumped at the bush at an outskirt of Kaduna where he was found by the villagers with a handcuff.

The matter has been reported to the Kawu police station by one of the family members, identified as Aliyu Maina and security men have since been detailed to the house alongside anti-bomb experts who combed the house and its vicinity.

Some of the suspected assassins were said to be dressed in military uniforms.

Five days ago, similar incident took place at the Abuja home of the former pension reform boss where two rooms in the house were ransacked, checking personal apparels in the house without any form of identification or a search warrant.

Maina’s Security aides who were immediately informed, arrived the rented house but the suspected men led by a man said to be wearing a police uniform was accosted but they rebuffed every attempt to get them disclose their identity and mission around Maina’s home.

Recall that Maina who has escaped many assassination attempts while serving as the Pension Reforms Taskforce Team boss, has consistently asked for security protection by the federal government against the pension cabals who have been after him following his numerous revelations on their clandestine activities.



2019: Endorse Ortom As Sole Candidate – Group Urges Political Parties

…Says, Ortom has Demonstrated His Love for the Idoma-Igede Nation

The Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom has demonstrated his unflinching love for the IDOMA-Igede nation by the nomination and confirmation of Justice Adams Onum as the first Chief Judge of Benue State from the Idoma extraction after 41 years of its existence.

Speaking with newsmen in Abuja, the National Coordinator, Coalition for Good Governance and Change Initiatives, CGGCI Comrade Okpokwu Ogenyi described Gov Samuel Ortom as a true reflection of the Benue project.

He said Gov Ortom has not only proven his love for the minority Idoma but his zeal of building one united Benue devoid of ethnicity, nepotism, sentiment among other trivial dichotomy.

This is the third unprecedented achievement of Gov Ortom within a spate of six months. He initiated and implementing the Anti Open Grazing Law in Benue which security experts are calling for it nationalization as a permanent measure to curb herders/farmers clash, prevent blood bath, stop cattle rustling and restore inter tribal relation among herdsmen and the rest of Nigerians.

Your Excellency sir, in 2019, Benue people especially the Idoma-Igede nation shall reciprocate your act of kindness, inclusiveness and love shown to Benue.

For the first time, we have Head of Service of the State and Chief Justice of the State. Ortom deserved more than a second term to salvage Benue. Here is a governor whose interest is Benue, it’s people and future.

It has been proven that there is no better Benue son than governor Samuel Ortom as he urged the All Progressive Congress, APC to give Gov Ortom automatic ticket if the Party is ready to win election in 2019.

Ogenyi advise all the opposition parties in the State to endorse Ortom as their sole candidate for the 2019 governorship election, he added.

Nwoko Hails Emergence of Secondus As bNew PDP Chairman

A former member of the Federal House of Representative, Prince Ned Nwoko, has congratulated Prince Ike Uche Secondus, as the New National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP). Prince Ned Nwoko who is aspiring to contest for Delta North Senatorial ticket.

Prince Ned Nwoko is the promoter of Stars Private University in Idumuje Igboko, Delta State. He advised the new PDP chairman to use his new office to promote unity and fair play within the party.

He described Chief Secondus as “Total Chairman”, and urged the new PDP helmsman to enthrone internal democracy within the fold.

In s statement issued in his Maitama home, Abuja, Prince Nwoko said: “I want to congratulate the elected National Chairman of our great party; PDP, other elected Officials, the other Leader of the party, the Chairman of the organising Committee; Governor of Delta State, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa and his members, the delegates and every member of our great party on the successful conclusion of the elective convention, held yesterday, the 9th of December, 2017, at Abuja.

“It is therefore, my prayers that, the almighty God, shall direct the steps of the Chairman and the other elected Officials, in their avowed determination to enthrone internal democracy and the repositioning of the party towards achieving the desired overwhelming victory in the 2019 general election.

“God bless the PDP, God bless Nigeria”, he prayed.

I’m Not in Court Over EFCC Composition – Says Maina

The former Chairman of the defunct Pension Reform Taskforce Team, PRTT, Dr Abdulrasheed Maina has debunked the publication on a section of the media, which claimed that he is in court with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, over it’s composition.

The publication claimed that the former PRTT boss is asking the court to disband the anti-graft Agency. “This is mix-up because I am aware that Honestly Ngozika Ihuoma of the Legislative watch had sued the Government and EFCC over the Constitutionality of the existence of the present EFCC

In a statement signed by his spokesman, Mohammad Sabo, Maina maintained that, he is not the person in court challenging the composition of the EFCC nor calling for its disbandment.

He said, the existence of the EFCC is to rid Nigeria of corruption, stressing that himself, as an anti-corruption crusader who has recovered over N2.9tr for the Federal Government, would rather continue to work for a strengthened, credible and result oriented EFCC devoid of Corrupt tendencies, political persecution and whitch-hunt.

Maina insisted that, he did not brief any lawyer to institute a legal suit against the existence of the EFCC, saying that “Only those whose hands are stained with palm oil are scared of the establishment of a credible EFCC, and I am not one of them”

He added that, if assured of a tightened security protection by the government, he is ready and willing to any credible panel of enquiry to spill the beans.

He maintained that if given the opportunity, N3tr Naira shall be recovered in 9 months in addition to the N2.9tr recovered earlier through his painstaking efforts.

He urged the general public to disregard the report, describing it as a mix-up which in his word is definitely not aimed at blindfolding the people from seeing the truth.

Ademola Slated for Sack Before Resigning, Says NJC

Justice Adeniyi Ademola pulled a fast one on the National Judicial Council, by hurriedly announcing his resignation, a spokesman for the council revealed today.

According to Soji Oye, NJC’s Director of Information, the council recommended on Wednesday the compulsory retirement of Ademola, along with Justice O. O. Tokode, both of the Federal High Court, for misconduct.

The decision was taken at the Council’s 84th meeting on Dec. 6., chaired by the Chief Justice Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghe.

Ademola apparently getting wind of NJC’s decision, hurriedly notified the council of his decision to voluntarily retire from the bench.

Ademola was due for retirement on April 9, 2018, when he would attain the mandatory retirement age of 65 years.

The council said its decision was pursuant to its findings on the allegation in the petition written against Ademola by Committee of Anambra State PDP House of Representatives Members-Elect.

The council said the petitioners alleged gross misconduct in the handling of a matter they filed before Ademola.

The council urged the public to disregard news circulating that Ademola had voluntarily retired.

“The purported voluntary retirement is clearly an afterthought as council had taken action before his decision to forward any voluntary retirement letter.”

The council further said that Justice Tokode was also recommended to the President for compulsory retirement with immediate effect.

It said this followed its findings on the allegation contained in petitions forwarded by Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) and Miss Abimbola Awogboro.

“The petitioners accused the judge of misleading the Federal Judicial Service Commission and the National Judicial Council.

” This was by submitting six judgements he claimed to have personally conducted while practising as a lawyer; a pre-requisite for his application for appointment as a judicial officer, and was so appointed.

“The investigation committee of council, however, found that the judge personally conducted only one of the six cases submitted.

” Therefore, Council decided to recommend his compulsory retirement and the refund of all salaries and allowances he earned since his purported appointment to the position of a Judge to the coffers of the Judiciary.”

The council said in the interim, both judges were suspended from office with immediate effect.

The council similarly issued warning letters to Justices A. N. Ubaka of the National Industrial Court, Justice A. M. Lawal of Lagos High Court and Zainab Sadat of the High Court of Niger and placed them both on a watch list.

However, the council dismissed the petition written by Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff, former interim chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, accusing Justice A. Liman of the Federal High Court of corruption.

Source: The Street Reporters


Kidnappers Demand N100m to Free Ex-Minister Damishi Sango, Others

A head of the major opposition party’s national convention in Nigeria’s federal capital, a former Minister of Sports and the Plateau State chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Damishi Sango, has been abducted by unknown gunmen.

Also kidnapped with him are his son, driver, a prominent chieftain of the PDP in Plateau State and another victim that is yet to be identified.

Sango was abducted by gunmen along Jere village in Kaduna State, on Wednesday, at about 7:00p.m., while travelling to Abuja to seek accommodation and make preparation for Plateau State delegates attending the opposition party’s national convention scheduled for Saturday, December 9.

Confirming the incident, the Publicity Secretary of PDP in Plateau State, John Akans, said, “Yes, our chairman, Chief Damishi Sango, and five other persons, including his son, driver and a chieftain of PDP in Plateau State were kidnapped by unknown gunmen on Wednesday evening.

“It was the Police who called his family and intimated them of the incident because his son’s phone was seen inside the vehicle.”

Making their demand for ransom, the kidnappers contacted the family asking for N100 million ransom.

The suspected gunmen who kidnapped the former Minister and his son and four others demand the ransom for their release.

A family source disclosed this in Jos, in a telephone conversation, and said the abductors were in contact with the family.

The source said, Damishi Sango, his son, Chief Emmanuel Mangni, the driver, an orderly and one other occupant of the abandoned Jeep were all alive as at press time.

The family source which pleaded anonymity revealed that Hon. Sango, spoke with the family at about 12noon and said that the kidnappers demanded N100 million for their release.

State Publicity Secretary, Mr. John Akans, who briefed Journalists at the party secretariat, said the abductors spoke with the family and demanded for N100 million ransom.

He said the party which is in opposition does not have such amount to doll out and call on party faithfuls to pray fervently for God’s intervention.

Akans said the kidnapped of the party chairman has demoralised the party delegates from Plateau who are expected to take off today (Friday) ahead of the convention in Abuja.

He said the state will participate in the convention but in low spirit if the Chairman and five others are not released before Saturday.

He called on the Inspector General of Police and other security agencies to take drastic measure and ensure that Hon. Sango, his son and four others are recovered alive.

It was gathered that Plateau State delegates had made up their mind during the last meeting of the State Working Committee of the Party the preceded the abduction of the chairman to give overwhelming vote to Uche Secondus, who they believe can lead the party to victory in 2019.

Source: The Street Reporters

Now That New Claimant to Idumuje-Ugboko Royal Throne Emerges

A fresh twist has emerged in the royalty crisis rocking the Umu-Omohunsi Nwoko family in Idumuje-Ugboko, Aniocha North Local Government Area, Delta State, where the entire Nwoko family have risen to support the claims of Prince Solomon Nwabuokei as the rightful heir to the throne.
Prince Uche Stephen Nwoko

Before now, Prince Nonso Nwoko, the heir to the late monarch, HRM Obi Albert Nwoko 111, who had assumed the throne in controversial circumstance, upon the demise of his father early this year, was being challenged by one Prince Uche Stephen Nwoko, also a first son born by another woman, who is a bona fide daughter of the town.

However, the oldest member of the Umu Nwoko Royal family, Diokpa Onwuamaonyeukwu Esuzor Nwoko, 90, chaired a meeting with representatives of the eight royal houses in attendance in Idumuje Ugboko, where it was resolved that Nwabuokei, being the first known son and also survived his father, Nwoko, should be installed the king and his children kings after him.
The Umu-Nwoko family, made up of Nwabuokei, Amoje, Biose, Bidokwu, Elumelu, Ujomor, Paul, Esuzor and Nwaobe, held that though Justin Nkeze and his son Albert Okwuwadiegwu had ruled as Obi Nwoko II and Obi Nwoko III of Idumuje-Ugboko, they were not qualified to be kings in the first place, adding that their kingship was an error and against the Native laws, tradition and culture of the people of Idumuje-Ugboko.
Diokpa Onwuamaonyeukwu, who was born on 23rd day of January, 1927, had earlier drew the attention of the members present to the crisis rocking the community, especially,  the desecration of the royal family name of Nwoko by some ambitious persons as the reason to tell the history of the royal family.
He informed the House that Obi Nwoko I, first Obi and founder of Idumuje-Ugboko had eight sons and that Solomon Eziokwubundun Nwabuokei is the only surviving son of Nkanya, the only son of Nwabuokei, the first son of Obi Nwoko I, and should be presented by Umu-Nwoko Royal family as Obi of Idumuje-Ugboko designate and to the larger Umu-Ologbo family and the people of Idumuje-Ugboko for recognition and coronation as the next obi.
He went further to present copies of the affidavit that he has deposed with the judicial authorities to back up historical facts on the subject.
The Diokpa recalled that the process of succession was aborted when the crown prince was arrested by the white Colonial Army and taken to Calabar over involvement in organising the local warriors to fight in the Ekumeku, adding that in his absence, Omorhusi Nwoko took the Obi title.
He said the ascension of the throne by Omorhusi Nkeze-Nwoko as the second monarch was an aberration that continued during the reign of the last monarch Obi Albert Nwoko III.
The diokpa posited that Omorhusi who became the king after the death of Obi Nwoko 1, usurped the throne and neither him nor his children or descendants “has claims to the throne of Idumuje-Ugboko as propagated in some quarters.”
The meeting resolved that all machineries should be put in place, including, if need be, going to seek legal redress from a court of competent jurisdiction, to restore the crown back to the legitimate owners, that is, family of Nwabuokei the first son of Obi Nwabuokei in line with the Native laws, customs and tradition of Idumuje clan.